Sell test strips. Fast.

Make more money getting offers to buy your test strips directly from your phone.

Compare buyers to see who has the best prices, and fastest pickup times.

Compare local-pickup test strip buyers and mail-in test strip buyers

Just Like OfferUp

Works like OfferUp but only for test strips!

Message through the app

Easy communication via in-app messaging to find pickups points or negotiate prices

Set your own prices

You can post how much you want to sell your test strips for.

Get offers immediately

Post what brand and expiration you have, and you will get purchase offers immediately. From local buyers AND mail-in buyers.

Filter your tasks

All major browsers are supported including Internet Explorer. Send it to your best friends and your grandma.

Donate old or expired test strips

You can donate your old or expired test strips to people who can still use them. Something is better than nothing.

Easily message with your buyers

Keep your privacy while discussing pickup locations and times.

Keep track of your favorite buyers

You can organize your messages and keep track of your favorite buyers

Get alerts about suspicious buyers

Our community safeguards itself and people will poorly rate bad buyers. Make sure you get paid by reviewing buyer's ratings!

Make offers on test strips

If you want to buy test strips, it's easy to make an offer. All the information you need about the test strips are included in every post.

See current market prices, and changes over time.

As market prices fluctuate, you can see what brand is becoming more profitable and what brand is becoming less profitable.

Organize your pickup drivers

You can have an admin account and organize your pickup drivers using out app to communicate with sellers.

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